Thursday, May 20, 2010

Landon Ferraro TTM Success

Mailed:  03/24/2010
Received:  05/20/2010
Days:  57
c/o:  The Red Deer Rebels

I mailed this one out just before the WHL season ended.  The son of Ray Ferraro signed both cards in black sharpie.  He is a Detroit Red Wings 2nd round pick in 2009 so he may be back in the WHL next year.  Detroit has a knack for drafting really well and almost always have a rookie step up every year.  So, who knows.

Alex Burrows TTM Success

Mailed:  05/06/2010
Received:  05/20/2010
Days:  14
c/o:  The Vancouver Canucks

What an amazing return!!!  I mailed this to the Canucks when they were still in the playoffs against the Blackhawks.  Burrows is one of those players that you either love or hate.  I personally, think he is awesome!  I wish he was on the Canadiens!  Anyway, 14 days returned is pretty sweet.

Sami Salo TTM Success

Mailed:  01/11/2010
Received:  05/19/2010
Days:  128
c/o:  The Vancouver Canucks

I like Salo when he was with the Senators but I had never gotten his auto when he was there.  Sami suffered a really gruesome injury in the playoffs this year.  He was hit with a tipped slap shot right in the nether region.  He must be feeling better.  This is a great addition to my collection.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Chris Neil TTM Success

Mailed:  03/10/2010
Received:  05/17/2010
Days:  68
c/o:  The Ottawa Senators

I have never been able to get Chris Neil in person after Senators games.  Along with Spezza, they are about the only guys I have never gotten.  So, I mailed him these to cards.  The Senators are still one of the best TTM teams in Canada.  I am only waiting on Alex Kovalev from them this season.  I don't expect to get that one back though. 

Kelsey Tessier TTM Success

Mailed:  04/27/2010
Received:  05/17/2010
Days:  20
c/o:  The Moncton Wildcats

20 days for a future star with the Colorado Avalanche.  The Wildcats won the QMJHL title this year and are currently playing in the Memorial Cup in Brandon, Manitoba.  He personalized both cards too.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Toronto Sport Card Expo Spring 2010

I try my best to take in the world's biggest hockey card showcase twice a year.  I failed to make the fall expo which is usually the better of the 2.  I didn't really find any huge deals up there this year.  I took an 05-06 UD Bee Hive Auto of Sidney Crosby with me.  I intended on trading it for something cool or some cash.  I ended up trading it to a dealer for a Sidney Crosby autographed 8x10 and he gave me an extra $60.  I thought that was a pretty sweet deal.  I picked up some minor Carey Price cards while I was there as well.

Mason Raymond TTM Success

Mailed:  03/10/2010
Received:  05/03/2010
Days:  54
c/o:  TheVancouver Canucks

Great return from a great player.  The Canucks are in the middle of an awesome playoff run.  Hopefully they can keep it going against the high flying Chicago Blackhawks.  Bobby Lu and the boys have been looking pretty good so far.  Game 2 is tonight.