Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Luca Ciampini TTM Success

Mailed:  11/07/2013
Received:  11/25/2013
Days:  18
c/o: Halifax Mooseheads

Luca was part of the Memorial cup winning Halifax Mooseheads last season.  He had 71 regular season points for them, but he has went undrafted as far as the NHL is concerned.  He will probably be able to get on with an AHL or ECHL team after this season in the QMJHL is done.  He is having a bit of an off year with only 17 points in 29 games so far.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Updating statistics

I love to play around with numbers and since I have been keeping track of sending everything out since 2009, I have kept pretty crazy stats on the successes and failure rates.  I mostly send to Canadian NHL, AHL, and CHL teams with some retired players homes thrown in and the odd US team if I get my hands on some US stamps.  So, here is the stats to date below.

2009, total sent 55, total received 39, percent 70.91%  Top team...Calgary Flames 6/6
2010, total sent 62, total received 44, percent 70.97%  Top team...Vancouver Canucks 4/4
2011, total sent 49, total received 36, percent 73.47%  Top team...Calgary Flames/Ottawa Senators 4/4
2012, total sent 33, total received 23, percent 69.70%  Top team...St. John's Ice Caps 4/4
2013, sent so far 50, received 22, percent 44%  Top team...Hamilton Bulldogs 3/4

I have had really good luck with all of the Canadian AHL teams, so I suggest mailing to those teams for some great prospects.
As for the NHL, it is a bit of a mix.  Calgary and Ottawa are really good.  Vancouver is close behind.  The Leafs, Oilers and Habs are middle of the road, and the Jets are absolutely terrible.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Eddie Pasquale TTM Success

Mailed:  10/23/2013
Received:  11/13/2013
Days:  21
c/o: St. John's Ice Caps

Eddie played some of his Jr. hockey near my hometown.  He has spent this entire season with the Jets' farm affiliate and has a 7-6-1 record with a 2.35 GAA.  He should be up with the Jets at some point in the near future as his numbers are above average to say the least.