Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pascal Leclaire TTM Success

I mailed Pascal Leclaire, c/o the Ottawa Senators, on Dec.2, 2009 and received 2/2 back on Mar. 31, 2010.  119 days.  The Senators continue to be a great team for TTM requests.  Pascal had the bad luck of being in goal through the first couple of months of the season when the Senators sucked.  He got hurt 2 times and Elliott got hot.  So, now Pascal is playing backup.  This guy is an amazing goalie, and hopefully he gets a chance to shine again, either in Ottawa, or elsewhere.

Ales Hemsky TTM ?????

So...either Ales Hemsky is a complete idiot, or he is the biggest douchebag in the world.  I mailed him a jumbo card on Nov. 11, 2009.  I received it back on Mar. 30, 2010.  Have a look.
He signed the plastic top loader.  There was another card in there with it, and he didn't sign it either.  WTF?
I can't really call this a success.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Vesa Toskala TTM Success

I mailed Vesa Toskala, c/o the Calgary Flames on 03/10/2010.  I received 2/2 back on 03/29/2010.  19 days!  I mailed Vesa c/o the Leafs in March of last year and didn't get a response.  The only thing I can think, is that the Leafs don't care about the fans and don't even bother passing mail along to the players.  I have only had 1 success from them in the last year plus and that was Stempniak who was traded away.  I think the Maple Leafs as an organization has had it too good for far too long.  They know that the fans will come out no matter how bad they are.  Its sad really.  Like moths to flames.  I hope the Flames can turn it around and make the playoffs.  They could be a nice dark horse coming in a low seed. 

Florida Panthers

A guy I work with has a brother-in-law that plays for the Florida Panthers.  They were in Ottawa this weekend to play the Senators and he was going to the game.  I asked him if he would mind seeing if he could get a few autographs for me while he was there.  I know they aren't IP autos, but who cares.  He made out really well.  I definitely owe him a couple of beer.  Anyway, here is what he got:

Bryan Allen is his brother-in-law and he signed these 2 cards for me.
Michael Frolik, Keaton Ellerby and Gregory Campbell.
Nathan Horton, Stephen Weiss and Cory Stillman.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rene Bourque TTM Success

I mailed 2 cards to Rene Bourque c/o the Calgary Flames on 01/29/2010.  I received 2/2 back on 03/17/2010(HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY).  The cards were signed with a black sharpie.  The Flames come through once again.  I have not had a failure with the Flames since I started doing this.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

NHL Oldtimer's Hockey Challenge IP

The Oldtimer's Hockey Challenege tour came through Kingston, Ontario this past week.  I go to this event nearly every year to get some autographs of NHL legends.  This is by far the best NHL Alumni tour that is around.  Their website is  Check their site for a schedule. 

Here is what I got:

I got Steve Shutt to sign my McFarlane base.  His "free" signature is pretty crappy compared to the signature he uses on certified autographs.  I am not selling it though, so no big deal. 
I got Rick Vaive on this Sabres card.  I got him at another alumni event last month.
I got Craig Simpson on these 2 cards.  He was great.  Chatted with the fans and made a talked a bit about Battle of the Blades. 
I got Dave Ellett on this card as well.
Former olympian, Lori Dupuis was part of the roster as well.  She was a member of the 2002 Gold Medal team and the 1998 Silver Medal team.  She was great with the fans and signed for everyone.
Billy Smith pulled up in his car to get Steve Shutt.  I was one of the only people that recognized him so I got him to sign my 8x10.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Brayden Schenn TTM Success

I mailed to Brayden Schenn c/o the Brandon Wheat Kings on 02/08/2010.  I received 2/2 back on 03/02/2010 for a total of 22 days. He personalized the 1 card for me as well.  Brayden made his NHL debut for a 1 game emergency call up for the LA Kings against the Vancouver Canucks.  He is going to be a star in the NHL in the very near future.  This is a great addition to my collection.