Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zack Kassian TTM Success

Mailed:  2/1/2013
Received:  04/26/2013
Days:  84
c/o: Vancouver Canucks

Zack had 11 points in 39 games this year with the Canucks as they gave him his first shot at a full time roll in the NHL.  He had 3 points for Canada at the 2011 World Jrs. where they won Silver.  He is a big physical force out there and makes the game fun to watch.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Tomas Kubalik TTM Success

Mailed:  4/8/2013
Received:  04/19/2013
Days:  11
c/o: St. John's Ice Caps

Tomas was acquired by the Winnipeg Jets at the trade deadline, and they assigned him to St. John's of the AHL.  He has 2 points in 8 games with the Ice Caps, so far.  He has represented the Czech Republic at 2 World Jr. Championships, getting 11 points in 12 games.

Nick Schultz TTM Success

Mailed:  3/14/2013
Received:  04/19/2013
Days:  36
c/o: Edmonton Oilers

Nick is more of a stay-at-home defenceman, but has 7 points for the Oilers so far in this shortened season.  He has also played for Team Canada at 3 World Championships, winning gold twice, and should be a candidate to play for them again this year.

Peter Budaj TTM Success

Mailed:  3/1/2013
Received:  04/18/2013
Days:  48
c/o: Montreal Canadiens

It is no easy job being the backup goalie behind the best goalie in the world.  However, Budaj has done an amazing job this season.  He is 7-1-1 this year and has been able to give Carey Price the odd night off.  The Habs have been so impressed by Budaj, that they re-signed him for another 2 seasons.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gabriel Dumont TTM Success

Mailed:  2/26/2013
Received:  04/17/2013
Days:  50
c/o: Hamilton Bulldogs

Gabriel has 31 points in 55 games with the Bulldogs this season.  He has had a few small call ups to the Canadiens this year, and is currently listed with them.  He has 2 points in 8 games with the Habs.  He is a hard working smaller player, so you may see him in action in the playoffs.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Jim Slater TTM Success

Mailed:  1/31/2013
Received:  04/15/2013
Days:  74
c/o: Winnipeg Jets

So, I mailed him 2 cards, and neither of them are the card that I got back.  I actually like the OPC card better anyway, so a bonus for me.  Athletics are in the bloodlines for Jim Slater, his dad Bill, played for the New England Patriots in the NFL.  Jim has 2 points in 26 games with the Jets this season.  He is more of a defensive forward.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mike Palmateer WTF????

Mailed:  5/6/2010
Received:  04/03/2013
Days:  1063
c/o: Home

I am not really sure whether to call this a success or not.  I sent him 2 cards, almost a full 3 years ago.  The response I get was, a form letter directing me to his website for autograph requests.  If you go to the website http://mikepalmateer.ca/contacts you will notice that he charges $25 per card, and $50 for a jersey.  What a douche bag.  So, he did include a website ad  that he signed or autopened with my returned cards, so I sort of got an autograph.  $25 to sign a card through the mail in insane.  I have sent $5 to some of the older guys, which I believe is the most any card is worth.  Anyways, here is the postcard I got.