Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jake Allen TTM Success

I mailed 2 cards to Jake Allen c/o the Voltigeurs on Feb. 8, 2010.  I received 2/2 back on Feb. 26, 2010.  18 days for a kid that will be in the NHL in the next few years.

NHL Alumni IP

I went to an NHL Alumni game in Belleville, Ontario on Sunday Feb. 21.  The list wasn't published ahead of time accurately, so only 2 guys from the original list were actually there.  There was a vendor setup selling some 8x10 photos for $5 which was really nice, but I just wanted cards of most of these guys.  Anyway, here is what I got.

Marty McSorley was one of the main guys there as he played Jr. for the Bulls.  I got him on an 8x10.  He is always very nice and chats with the fans.  He is a real class act.

I got Bill Derlago on this Scotiabank handout.  Better than nothing I guess.  I would have like to get one of my 80s cards signed by him though.

Dennis Maruk would have signed everything I had probably.  I only asked him to sign the 2, but he saw the rest and said he would sign those too.  Great guy.

Rick Vaive also signed all of the cards I had for him.  He was really nice with everyone as well.

 I got Dave Reid on a Leafs puck.  I would have like to have an Avalanche puck instead, but this is all I had with me.

I was able to buy this Doug Jarvis 8x10 and get it signed.  I would have liked a puck or some of my old cards signed by him.  He was a great defenceman for the habs and won 4 Stanley Cups.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Alex Pietrangelo TTM Success

I mailed these cards to Alex c/o the Barrie Colts before I knew he was going to be at the all-star game.  I sent them on 01/11/2010 and received them back on 02/19/2010.  39 days.  This kid is going to be great in the NHL next year.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Taylor Hall IP

Taylor Hall was definitely the target of the entire All-star game event.  Being the kid from Kingston, and the projected 1st overall draft pick for this year's NHL Entry draft, he was bombarded wherever he went.  He was very quiet but he signed for absolutely everyone who requested a signature.  I got him to sign a photo and a puck.

OHL All-Star Classic IP (Part 5)

Nazem Kadri of the London Knights, was in town and was definitely a fan favorite in Kingston.  He should have been with the Toronto Maple Leafs this year, but they decided to send him back to the OHL for another season.  I have no doubt that he will be a big part of that team next year.  I got him to sign a photo and a Team Canada puck.  I gave him the wrong sharpie for the puck and realized it too late.  Oh well, I still know he signed it.
Alex Pietrangelo, of the Barrie Colts signed a puck and a card for me.  He was a member of the silver medal winning team this year and the Gold medal winning team last year.  He has also played some games for the St. Louis Blues in the NHL, but injuries halted his first full season there.  You will see him there playing next year for the entire season.

Mark Osborne was part of the alumni group that was in.  I got him on a Leafs' card.

OHL All-Star Classic IP (Part 4)

Adam Graves was in town so I got him on this card.
Steve Thomas was also in town.

 Doug Gilmour was at the luncheon, so I got him to sign my McFarlane base.  He put it in exactly the right spot to not get blocked by the figure.  The only thing about this is that he signed it with his Leafs' number and not his Flames' number.

I got Brian Lashoff on this photo.  He was a member of Team USA and is a Detroit Red Wings prospect.

OHL All-Star Classic IP (Part 3)

Ryan Ellis of the Windsor Spitfires signed this 8x10.  He was a member of the Silver Medal winning team this year, and the Gold Medal winning team last year. He is a Nashville Predators prospect.
Tyler Seguin of the Plymouth Whalers signed this photo for me.  He is projected to go either 1st or 2nd overall in this year's NHL Entry draft.  I expect that he will go 2nd overall, as I can't see anyone knocking Taylor Hall from that spot.

I got Ethan Werek of the Kingston Frontenacs to sign these cards and photos for me.  He is  New York Rangers prospect.  I didn't get a chance to rub the gloss off of these cards, so they look rough.

OHL All-Star Classic IP (Part 2)

Here is a few more items I had signed at the OHL all-star game.  Stefan Della Rovere signed this Team Canada puck for me.  He is a great guy to meet, and stood and chatted with us for a few minutes after the game.  Great signature too!

Adam Henrique of the Windsor Spitfires signed this All-Star Game puck as well.  He was a member of the silver medal winning team this year.

I got Jesse Blacker of the Owen Sound Attack to sign this All-star puck.  He is a Toronto Maple Leafs' prospect.

Shawn Lalonde of the Belleville Bulls signed this card for me.  He is  Chicago Blackhawks' prospect.

OHL All-Star Classic IP

I went to the OHL All-star classic Skills competition and game this week in Kingston, Ontario.  I also bought tickets to the OHL All-star Fire and Ice Luncheon where we got to mingle with all of the players and alumni that were in for the event.  We had Tyler Beskorowany of the Kingston Frontenacs and Matt Hackett of the Plymouth Whalers, sitting with us.  Tyler is a Dallas Stars' prospect, and Matt is a Minnesota Wild prospect.  They were very cool to talk to and shared with us some of their experiences at NHL training camps and such.  So, I will start off with posting their autographs.
This is the Tyler Beskorowany photo that I had signed.

This is the Matt Hackett card that I had signed.  It is from the just released, ITG Heroes and Prospects.

Lee Stempniak TTM Success

I wrote to Lee Stempniak on 12/02/2009 and received 2/2 back on 02/05/2010.  65 days.  I sent it c/o the Toronto Maple Leafs.  This is the first return I have had back from Toronto, since I started back doing TTM in February of last year.  I guess there is hope for the Leafs yet.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hayley Wickenheiser TTM Success

I mailed to Hayley on 01/11/2010.  I received 2/2 back on 02/03/2010 for a total of 23 days.  I mailed them to Hockey Canada.  Great response out of one of the best female hockey players to ever lace up skates.  I look forward to watching all of the Olympic events, but especially hockey.  Both, men's and women's.