Friday, February 19, 2010

Alex Pietrangelo TTM Success

I mailed these cards to Alex c/o the Barrie Colts before I knew he was going to be at the all-star game.  I sent them on 01/11/2010 and received them back on 02/19/2010.  39 days.  This kid is going to be great in the NHL next year.


  1. I also heard from Pietrangelo today. I wrote to him once before he was traded to the Colts via the Niagara Ice Dogs and i've compared his autograph to the ones I got today and the one I got last month and the ones he signed in person and I am doubting the authenticity of this batch he signed. What do you think?

  2. One more thing, the curves of his autograph are also different. I am 100% sure these are secretarial.

  3. I got him in person a couple of weeks ago at the OHL all star game and these autos look the same to me. I think they are authentic.