Saturday, February 27, 2010

NHL Alumni IP

I went to an NHL Alumni game in Belleville, Ontario on Sunday Feb. 21.  The list wasn't published ahead of time accurately, so only 2 guys from the original list were actually there.  There was a vendor setup selling some 8x10 photos for $5 which was really nice, but I just wanted cards of most of these guys.  Anyway, here is what I got.

Marty McSorley was one of the main guys there as he played Jr. for the Bulls.  I got him on an 8x10.  He is always very nice and chats with the fans.  He is a real class act.

I got Bill Derlago on this Scotiabank handout.  Better than nothing I guess.  I would have like to get one of my 80s cards signed by him though.

Dennis Maruk would have signed everything I had probably.  I only asked him to sign the 2, but he saw the rest and said he would sign those too.  Great guy.

Rick Vaive also signed all of the cards I had for him.  He was really nice with everyone as well.

 I got Dave Reid on a Leafs puck.  I would have like to have an Avalanche puck instead, but this is all I had with me.

I was able to buy this Doug Jarvis 8x10 and get it signed.  I would have liked a puck or some of my old cards signed by him.  He was a great defenceman for the habs and won 4 Stanley Cups.

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