Thursday, March 19, 2009

TTM Update

On February 17th 2009, I mailed Jason Spezza an 8x10 photo. On March 18th, 2009, I received it back signed. Its a great sig in black sharpie. The 8x10 top loader I sent it in was destroyed. Looks like it was bent and cracked it. Only a small chip on the photo in the bottom which would be hidden in a frame anyway. So, just over a month for a response is pretty good though.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Craig Rivet Signing

I mentioned earlier that I got the Sabres at the Senators game. Well, I have been collecting Craig Rivet since he was with the Kingston Frontenacs back in 1992. I did get an in person auto from him at a game. I mailed him once he had some Canadiens cards and he sent them back quickly. I purchased a "game used" stick on ebay in 2001. It was from a guy in Philadelphia that stated that Craig gave it to him after a game down there. I have been hoping to get it signed at some point in Montreal. I guess the opportunity never arose and before I knew it, he was traded to San Jose. The Sharks don't venture to the North East very often, so I thought I was doomed. Then, he signed with the Sabres in the off season. So, going up to get the Sabres, I thought this might be the chance. Craig was more than happy to sign my stick, and I asked him if he could verify its authenticity. He did and said that he used that stick in one of his first seasons with the Montreal Canadiens!!! He signed one of the best autographs I have ever gotten on the blade and signed a puck for me. He also signed 8x10s for my buddies that were with me. For a lifelong fan of him, it was awesome to have this stick signed, but to actually get to talk with him for a few minutes. Craig is definitely a true class act. Here is the pic of the stick and puck.

Jarome Iginla TTM

I stated earlier that I mailed Jarome Iginla and received a response in 13 days. Although he didn't sign my jumbo cards, he did mail me back this team issued, autographed jumbo card. It is available for trade if anyone is interested.

Even More Autographs for Trade

Here are a few more autographs for trade. Anton Volchenkov 05-06 ITG Heroes and Prospects #90, Kirk Muller 91-92 Bowman #274, Steve Larmer 90-91 UD #242, Dale Hawerchuk 90-91 OPC #141.

more Autographs for trade

Some more autographs for trade. These were all obtained in person. Wendel Clark 90-91 ProSet #276, Steve Larmer 01-02 Fleer GOTG#24, Dave Ellett 95-96 Score#129, Dave Ellett 92-93 Pro Set #186.

Autographs for trade

Here are some duplicate autographs that I have for trade. Please send me any offers for hockey and baseball only.

Anton Volchenkov on 07-08 UD#396, Chris Phillips 99-00 UD#264, Patrick Lalime 05-06 UD#166, Shean Donovan 07-08 OPC#50.

Buffalo Sabres in Person

We were able to get the Sabres at the Sens game. These 4 guys I had never got before. Andrew Peters, Derek Roy, James Patrick, and Maxim Afinogenov. Great group of guys.

Senators in person

Went to the Sens vs Sabres game and waited around for autographs after the game. These 4 guys I had never got before. Bryan Elliott, Nick Foligno, Brian Lee, and Brendan Bell. Bell scored 2 goals that night to help the Sens win 4-2. Elliott didn't have much work but was still effective. You will never meet a more polite hockey player than Nick Foligno. He stopped by and asked us how we were doing and told us to have a good night after we thanked him for stopping. Spezza, Heatley and Alfredsson all floored it out of the parking lot without a second glance.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Autograph Update

On February 17th, I mailed Jarome Iginla a jumbo card and a regular card with return postage and a letter. On March 2nd, I received my items back from him unsigned, but with a large card of Jarome Iginla signed. It looks like a team issued card of some sort. Pretty impressive response out of one of the premier players in the NHL. 13 days to get my stuff back is pretty good. Definitely a good addition to my collection. Still no response from Komisarek, Spezza, or Luongo. I will update when I do.