Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mikael Backlund TTM Success

Mailed:  1/8/2014
Received:  2/25/2014
Days:  48
c/o: Calgary Flames

I mailed Backlund back in 2009 when he was with the Abbotsford Heat.  I don't like to mail to guys a second time, but I pulled a jersey card from Panini Pinnacle a while back and thought I may as well try to get it signed.  Jersey cards are pretty much worthless anyway, considering the rate you pull them.  So this will replace the base card that I have signed already.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Max Reinhart TTM Success

Mailed:  10/28/2013
Received:  2/20/2014
Days:  115
c/o: Abbotsford Heat

Max has played most of this season with the Heat.  Getting 40 points in 45 games so far.  He has appeared in 4 games this year, with Calgary, and has no points.  His dad, Paul, played in the NHL for the Flames and Canucks.  He also has 2 brothers playing, Griffin, who is playing in the WHL with the Edmonton Oil Kings and drafted by the Islanders and Sam who plays for the Kootenay Ice in the WHL and is projected to go in the first few picks of this year's NHL draft.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Gerry Cheevers In Person

Feb Fest is on in Kingston, Ontario.  They typically get a former NHLer to come and do an autograph signing to generate some extra traffic.  This year, it was Gerry Cheevers.  He won't answer TTM unless you include money, so this was a good one to get to add to my 01-02 Fleer Greats of the Game set that I have been trying to finish.

Ryan Kesler TTM Success

Mailed:  11/15/2013
Received:  2/7/2014
Days:  84
c/o: Vancouver Canucks

I mailed Ryan Kesler back in 2009 and got the return back in 260 days.  I typically don't mail a player more than once, but in this case, I pulled a jersey card of his in a box of Donruss cards.  So, I thought it would be a neat card to get signed.  He didn't mail me the right card.  I have no idea why, but now I am out the jersey cards too.