Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Arturs Kulda TTM Success

Mailed:  01/23/2012
Received:  02/15/2012
Days:  23
c/o: St. John's Ice Caps

Arturs has been up with the Winnipeg Jets for 9 games this year, scoring 0 points but is a +3.  He has 12 points for the Ice Caps so far.  The Latvian was a 7th round pick of the Thrashers in 2007.

Oldtimers Hockey Challenge IP

The K-ROCK Centre in Kingston, Ontario was home to the Oldtimers Hockey Challenge.  This year, in celebration of the Boston Bruins winning the Stanley Cup, they had an all Bruins alumni team.  The headliner was Ray Bourque!!  Other players in attendance were, Ken Linseman, Rick Middleton, Mike Krushelnyski, Bob Sweeney, Daniel Marios, Terry O'Reilly, Rick Smith, Bruce Shoebottom and a few others that I can't remember of hand.  The list wasn't published ahead of time at all this year.  The radio broadcast that Bourque was going to be there and other Bruins alumni.  I got completely screwed out of getting Bourque's autograph by a buddy that thought he could get a picture taken with Ray while there was 50 people swarming him.  So in his mad rush to get his damn camera to another buddy to take a picture, he butted me out of the way and all I could do was watch Ray get on the bus without signing my puck.  Not impressed.
Anyway, here is what I did get:

When we got there, Kerry Fraser was out at the souvenir table signing copies of his book and anything else people had for him.  I had a card from 90-91 Pro Set for him to sign.  He is very friendly and if you get a chance, look up his blog on or follow him on twitter @kfraserthecall
Terry O'Reilly was one of the toughest guys to ever play the game.  I got him to sign a card from 09-10 UD Champs.
Bob Sweeney was a monster of a power forward playing for the rival Bruins and Sabres through the late 80s and early 90s.  All I had to get him on was a puck.
Mike Krushelnyski was part of the Wayne Gretzky trade to LA in 1988.  He played his first 3 season in the NHL for the Bruins.