Friday, July 4, 2014

Michael Hutchinson TTM Success

Mailed:  2/7/2014
Received:  6/26/2014
Days:  139
c/o: St. John's Ice Caps

This guy has been bounced around all over the place and puts up great numbers wherever he goes.  He was born in Barrie and played OHL for the Colts.  The Bruins drafted him in the 3rd round in 2008 and bounced him between the ECHL and AHL until 2013 when he signed a 2 way contract with the Winnipeg Jets.  Again, he was sent to the ECHL where he was pretty much unbeatable and forced the Jets to move him up to St. John's as soon as possible.  He only had 24 games there but won 17 of them and earned a call up to the Jets for his first NHL action.  3 full games including an overtime game and a .943 save percentage was all he did.  I hope to see this guy playing there full time next year.  I think I will try to pickup some more of his cards on ebay.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Jeff Petry TTM Success

Mailed:  12/12/2013
Received:  6/5/2014
Days:  175
c/o: Edmonton Oilers

Jeff played 3 years of NCAA at Michigan State before joining the Oilers farm affiliates for a year and a half.  Since then, he has been a full timer in their lineup.  He had 17 points in 80 games this past season.  The Oilers are a team that usually send out their mail requests after the season has ended.  I have received several Oilers requests back in the last few weeks.

Andrew Ference TTM Success

Mailed:  10/30/2013
Received:  6/5/2014
Days:  218
c/o: Edmonton Oilers

I pulled this jersey card back in 2002 so I decided to try to get it signed.  Ference was a member of the Boston Bruins team that won the cup in 2011.  I famously flipped off the fans in the Bell Centre and then said his glove stuck.  Good one.  Anyway, he is known for his environmentalist ideals and drives a Prius or bikes to the rink every day.  His autograph is pretty terrible actually as it looks like just an "A" and an "F".  

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins TTM Success

Mailed:  1/22/2014
Received:  5/23/2014
Days:  121
c/o: Edmonton Oilers

Ryan had 56 points this past season for the Oilers.  I have to think that the Oilers are on the verge of getting into the playoffs.  They have a ton of young talent, and I think they just need to bring in some veterans to offset that a bit.  Yakupov has to go and they should trade their high pick this year too.  Nuge is going to be in Kingston in July, so hopefully I can get him to sign there again.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Corey Locke TTM Success

Mailed:  3/11/2014
Received:  5/16/2014
Days:  66
c/o: Abbotsford Heat

Corey has bounced around quite a bit over his career.  He has only played in 9 NHL games, but has played a ton in the AHL.  He finished off this past season with the Abbotsford Heat and had 23 points in 30 games for them and added 1 more in 4 playoff games.

Sam Gagner TTM Success

Mailed:  3/5/2009
Received:  5/16/2014
Days:  1898
c/o: Edmonton Oilers

WOW.  I really never expected to get this back after over 5 years.  Better late than never though.  Sam had a really good year last year in the lockout shortened season, but didn't really carry that over to this past season.  I am not sure if the Oilers will hang onto him as they could get something decent for him.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Alexei Emelin TTM Success

Mailed:  1/22/2014
Received:  5/8/2014
Days:  106
c/o: Montreal Canadiens

Alexei is a huge hitter for the Habs.  He is having a great playoff this year, locked in a battle with Milan Lucic.  Man I hate that guy!  I really hate all of the Boston Bruins, but Lucic, Marchand and Chara are at the top of that list.  I really hope the Habs knock those bastards out of the playoffs in 2 more games.

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