Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Roberto Luongo TTM Success

Mailed:  02/17/2009
Received:  04/27/2011
Days:  799
c/o:  Vancouver Canucks

That is right!  799 days.  I mailed this way back in 2009.  I actually mailed a jumbo card and a regular card.  He sent me back a form letter...signed and a team issued post card signed.  The post card is really cool with a great auto.  I actually like getting the letter.  It feels personal, even if someone just inserted it into an envelope.  Roberto was awesome last night in the Game 7 OT win over the Blackhawks.  Now, the Canucks are playing the Predators in round 2 starting tomorrow night.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Rick Smith IP

Rick Smith was doing an appearance at the retirement home that is attached to the building I work at.  His mom was a resident there before she passed away a few years ago and Rick has been volunteering his time and donating money to the home for years.  This was more of a discussion based appearance and just something for the residents to come out and chat with a former NHL player from Kingston. 
Rick played for the Boston Bruins, California Golden Seals, St. Louis Blues, Washington Capitals and Detroit Red Wings in the NHL.  He also played for the Minnesota Fighting Saints in the WHA.  He won a Stanley Cup with the Bruins in 1970.  He amassed 219 points in 687 NHL games as a rugged stay at home defenceman.

Colby Armstrong TTM Success

Mailed:  10/06/2011
Received:  04/21/2011
Days:  197
c/o: Toronto Maple Leafs

I liked Colby when he was with the Penguins.  He plays with alot of energy and is out there working hard every shift.  I pulled the winter classic jumbo card out of a UD blaster box and thought it would be a neat item to get autographed.  He was injured for a bit of this season, so you can't really gauge the year he could have had.  Given a more prominent role on the Leafs, should help his numbers next year.

Tom Gilbert TTM Success

Mailed:  09/29/2010
Received:  04/21/2011
Days:  204
c/o: Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers usually send out returns after the season is over.  So, I suspect I will see a few more from them in the next few weeks.  Tom Gilbert was born in Minnesota, one of hockey's greatest hotbeds.  He has had 4 really good seasons for the rebuilding Oilers.  They have so much young talent there right now and I can see them competing for a playoff spot next year.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Montreal Canadiens IP

We went to game 3 of the Stanley Cup playoffs series between the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens.  We went down to Montreal early to try to catch the Habs after morning skate.  We were hoping to maybe catch the Bruins at some point, but they were well hidden I think.  The Habs were not stopping to sign autographs.  I attribute that to the giant Russian dealer that had a suit case full of stuff to get signed.  We have seen this guy before and he sells all of his crap on Ebay.  It is guys like him that give guys like me, a bad name.  I just love hounding for my own collection.  This guy is doing it for a living.  Anyway, Travis Moen and Max Pacioretty stopped for us.  That was it for players, but Kirk Muller also stopped.  I am from a small town just outside of Kingston, Ontario, so I told him we were up for the game.  He made some small talk and was really pleasant.  The best part, he told the giant Russian, that he wouldn't sign for him.  I wish all of the players would have done that.
I got Travis Moen on this 10-11 OPC Retro parallel card, which the giant Russian thought was a "rare version" and I was crazy for getting it signed.  They are inserted at a rate of 1 in 2 packs, so I think I am safe.  Even if it was the Rainbow Black parallel, which is numbered out of 100, not out of 10 like the giant Russian said, it would still only be worth $1 on ebay.
Max Pacioretty is skating and participating in hockey drills, but the word is that he still isn't close to returning to action.  I made small talk and asked him if he was back soon, and he said he hopes so.  He has a bright future for sure!  Follow him on twitter @MaxPacioretty67.
Kirk Muller signed puck.  All I had were some plain pucks for guys that I didn't have cards with me.  The auto showed up amazing with the new gold paint pen I just bought.  "Captain" Kirk was part of the 1993 Stanley Cup Championship team.
Yvon Lambert came out of the Bell Centre and none of the 30 people waiting for autographs knew who he was.  I spotted him immediately and got him to sign a puck for me.  He was part of 4 Stanley Cup wins in a row with the Habs from 1976-1979. 
Gaston Gingras was on his way to the Bell Centre, so I got him to sign a puck.  Again, nobody else recognized him.  I loved watching him in the 80s.  He had one of the hardest shots I have ever seen and he was blazing fast on the skates.  He won a cup with Montreal in 1986.

Brent Sopel TTM Success

Mailed:  03/11/2011
Received:  04/19/2011
Days:  36
c/o:  Montreal Canadiens

This is the only response back from the Canadiens this season.  Brent has been an awesome addition for the Habs.  He works hard blocking shots and making the smart plays that don't always show up on the score sheet.  I love that he signed his 10-11 Panini Score Season Highlight card, right on the Stanley Cup!  I couldn't have asked him to sign it in a better spot!  I have always loved the cards featuring the players holding the cup.  They always look awesome and iconic. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fabian Brunnstrom TTM Success

Mailed:  03/09/2011
Received:  04/14/2011
Days:  36
c/o:  Toronto Marlies

Fabian was a highly sought after free agent 3 years ago.  He hasn't really found his niche in the NHL yet, but the Maple Leafs made a trade for him and sent him to the AHL.  He had 14 points in 35 games down there, so he may be able to work his way back to the NHL.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Peter Regin TTM Success

Mailed:  01/05/2011
Received:  04/12/2011
Days:  97
c/o: Ottawa Senators

Peter was hurt for a bit of this season so his numbers are a bit lower than last.  He had 17 points in 55 games for a Senators team that was terrible during the first half of the season but seemed to come on strong at the end.  I had never gotten Regin in person, so this one is nice to add to the collection.

James Reimer IP

James Reimer did a public autograph signing at the Pickering Flea Market on Saturday.  The deal was, you got a free autograph of whatever you wanted, but if you wanted a 2nd item, you had to buy it from the promoter (mostly 8x10s and pucks for $8-$10) and pay $10 for the autograph.  What a great deal of one of the best young goalies in the NHL.  James just confirmed that he is going to play for Team Canada at the up coming World Championships.  He seems like a nice guy and was joking and chatting with most people that came through.  It was a very busy signing to say the least.  I brought a team Canada puck and purchased an 8x10 from the promoter.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Joey Hishon TTM Success

Mailed:  03/22/2011
Received:  04/08/2011
Days:  17
c/o: Owen Sound Attack

Joey Hishon was picked 17th overall by the Colorado Avalanche in the 2010 entry draft.  He had 87 points in 50 games this season with the Attack and is currently playing against the Plymouth Whalers in round 2 of the OHL playoffs.  The Avalanche just signed him to a 3 year entry level contract as well, so I would bet you will see him in Denver next season.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dan Cleary Experience

Now, I can't verify any of this information in the forum post as I have no link whatsoever to any of it.  I just wanted to post this, so that people can see what some NHLers are like.  I remember Dan when he was with the Belleville Bulls.  He was a douche bag back then too.  He is a garbage hockey player, if you can call him that.  I don't believe that playing hockey is parking your ass in front of the net hoping that the puck tips off of you somewhere and lands in the net.  I hate the entire Red Wings organization for the style of hockey that they play.  Holmstrom, Cleary and Franzen all do the same crap.  At least Franzen has some skill though.  Holmstrom and Cleary have none.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ottawa Senators IP

We took in the Sens vs Leafs game on Saturday and hounded the Senators after the morning skate and after the game. 
Craig Anderson has been awesome for the Sens since coming over from Colorado in the the trade for Brian Elliott.  He was great again this night, but a late 5 minute penalty to Zack Smith took the wind out of their sails. He is not a very talkative guy...quite shy really.  He probably isn't used to the high profile players have in Canada.  I am sure he will come out of his shell a bit over the next 4 years.
Chris Phillips is a true class act.  He pretty much always stops for the fans.  I decided to get a photo signed by him this time.
Erik Karlsson is one of the best up and coming young defencemen in the game.  He was selected to the 2011 all star team as well. 
Jesse Winchester signed this puck for me.  He is another one that seems to love interacting with the fans.  He is a really nice guy and a hard worker on the ice.
Ryan Shannon stops quite often as well.  He was the one that told us we were insane a few weeks ago when we were out there in -30 weather to get autographs.
Milan Michalek, Chris Neil, Jesse Winchester, Nick Foligno.  The Foligno bled badly because I didn't realize I handed him the Glossy version of the Score card.
Zack Smith is a great young player.  He works hard out there and seems to be getting some big minutes.  Matt Carkner, Filip Kuba.
Sergei Gonchar, Curtis McElhinney, Marek Svatos.
Brian Lee always personalizes everything.  He wrote "God Bless" on this one.  It bled a bit at the top, but that is fine.  He is a really nice guy too and stops quite often for the fans.  David Hale, Bobby Butler.
Ottawa Senators Mini Helmet.  I had about 5 signatures on this helmet prior to this outing.  I think it is maxed out now.  Here is what is on it now:  Brian Elliott, Zack Smith, Filip Kuba, Bryan Murray, Cory Clouston, Patrick Wiercioch, Nick Foligno, Chris Neil, Francis Lessard, Luke Richardson, Ryan Shannon, Brian Lee, Erik Kondra, Jesse Winchester.
I know he isn't an Ottawa Senator, or ever was, but Glenn Healy walked out of the player's parking lot, so I took the opportunity to get him to sign a puck for me. 

Toronto Maple Leafs IP

6 of us made the trip up to Ottawa for the Senators vs Leafs game on Saturday.  The Leafs won 4-2...BOOOO.  Anyway, we hounded the Leafs at the Brookstreet Hotel in Ottawa and got the following autographs.

Dion Phaneuf is a really classy guy.  Came right over to us and signed for everyone.  He seems to genuinely love interacting with the fans.  I got him to sign an 8x10.

Joffrey Lupul is a nice guy too.  A class act.  I follow him on twitter @JLupul.  He tweets fairly regularly.  Mike Komisarek told us he would sign after he put his stuff on the bus.  We all thought that meant he wouldn't be back, but sure enough, he came right off the bus and over to us to sign.  James Reimer was out too, and unfortunately, all I had was a hockey card for him to sign.  I really wish I had an 8x10 or something.  This kid is for real.
We would have gotten more, but the staff at the Brookstreet Hotel are completely out of touch with reality.  They actually went so far as to setup a decoy gated off area in the lobby for people to stand behind to "get autographs".  Of course, no players went out through the front door, so most people got nothing.  We went to another area and had success there.