Friday, April 22, 2011

Colby Armstrong TTM Success

Mailed:  10/06/2011
Received:  04/21/2011
Days:  197
c/o: Toronto Maple Leafs

I liked Colby when he was with the Penguins.  He plays with alot of energy and is out there working hard every shift.  I pulled the winter classic jumbo card out of a UD blaster box and thought it would be a neat item to get autographed.  He was injured for a bit of this season, so you can't really gauge the year he could have had.  Given a more prominent role on the Leafs, should help his numbers next year.


  1. Colby is one of the best out there. Follow him on twitter armdog. Colbs rocks no doubt! I am changing my Canada jersey he signed so we'll see in a week or two. congrats!

  2. I just added him on twitter. Thanks for the suggestion. I figured I would get this one back at some point. Looks like he rubbed off some of the gloss so the auto wouldn't bleed too. Great guy. Wish he was a Hab.