Monday, April 4, 2011

Toronto Maple Leafs IP

6 of us made the trip up to Ottawa for the Senators vs Leafs game on Saturday.  The Leafs won 4-2...BOOOO.  Anyway, we hounded the Leafs at the Brookstreet Hotel in Ottawa and got the following autographs.

Dion Phaneuf is a really classy guy.  Came right over to us and signed for everyone.  He seems to genuinely love interacting with the fans.  I got him to sign an 8x10.

Joffrey Lupul is a nice guy too.  A class act.  I follow him on twitter @JLupul.  He tweets fairly regularly.  Mike Komisarek told us he would sign after he put his stuff on the bus.  We all thought that meant he wouldn't be back, but sure enough, he came right off the bus and over to us to sign.  James Reimer was out too, and unfortunately, all I had was a hockey card for him to sign.  I really wish I had an 8x10 or something.  This kid is for real.
We would have gotten more, but the staff at the Brookstreet Hotel are completely out of touch with reality.  They actually went so far as to setup a decoy gated off area in the lobby for people to stand behind to "get autographs".  Of course, no players went out through the front door, so most people got nothing.  We went to another area and had success there.

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