Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dan Cleary Experience

Now, I can't verify any of this information in the forum post as I have no link whatsoever to any of it.  I just wanted to post this, so that people can see what some NHLers are like.  I remember Dan when he was with the Belleville Bulls.  He was a douche bag back then too.  He is a garbage hockey player, if you can call him that.  I don't believe that playing hockey is parking your ass in front of the net hoping that the puck tips off of you somewhere and lands in the net.  I hate the entire Red Wings organization for the style of hockey that they play.  Holmstrom, Cleary and Franzen all do the same crap.  At least Franzen has some skill though.  Holmstrom and Cleary have none.

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  1. I bet Cleary and Glenn Anderson are buddies eh, living of the talent of the true hall of famers!