Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Montreal Canadiens IP

We went to game 3 of the Stanley Cup playoffs series between the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens.  We went down to Montreal early to try to catch the Habs after morning skate.  We were hoping to maybe catch the Bruins at some point, but they were well hidden I think.  The Habs were not stopping to sign autographs.  I attribute that to the giant Russian dealer that had a suit case full of stuff to get signed.  We have seen this guy before and he sells all of his crap on Ebay.  It is guys like him that give guys like me, a bad name.  I just love hounding for my own collection.  This guy is doing it for a living.  Anyway, Travis Moen and Max Pacioretty stopped for us.  That was it for players, but Kirk Muller also stopped.  I am from a small town just outside of Kingston, Ontario, so I told him we were up for the game.  He made some small talk and was really pleasant.  The best part, he told the giant Russian, that he wouldn't sign for him.  I wish all of the players would have done that.
I got Travis Moen on this 10-11 OPC Retro parallel card, which the giant Russian thought was a "rare version" and I was crazy for getting it signed.  They are inserted at a rate of 1 in 2 packs, so I think I am safe.  Even if it was the Rainbow Black parallel, which is numbered out of 100, not out of 10 like the giant Russian said, it would still only be worth $1 on ebay.
Max Pacioretty is skating and participating in hockey drills, but the word is that he still isn't close to returning to action.  I made small talk and asked him if he was back soon, and he said he hopes so.  He has a bright future for sure!  Follow him on twitter @MaxPacioretty67.
Kirk Muller signed puck.  All I had were some plain pucks for guys that I didn't have cards with me.  The auto showed up amazing with the new gold paint pen I just bought.  "Captain" Kirk was part of the 1993 Stanley Cup Championship team.
Yvon Lambert came out of the Bell Centre and none of the 30 people waiting for autographs knew who he was.  I spotted him immediately and got him to sign a puck for me.  He was part of 4 Stanley Cup wins in a row with the Habs from 1976-1979. 
Gaston Gingras was on his way to the Bell Centre, so I got him to sign a puck.  Again, nobody else recognized him.  I loved watching him in the 80s.  He had one of the hardest shots I have ever seen and he was blazing fast on the skates.  He won a cup with Montreal in 1986.

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