Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nigel Dawes TTM Success

Mailed:  04/07/2010
Received:  06/28/2010
Days:  82
c/o: Calgary Flames

The Flames have been 100% returns for the past 2 seasons.  This one took a bit longer than most though, but I did mail it out the week before the season closed.  So, it may never have gotten to him before he left for home. 

Marc-Antoine Pouliot TTM Success

Mailed:  03/24/2010
Received:  06/28/2010
Days:  96
c/o:  Edmonton Oilers

It looks like the Oilers' players are getting around to checking their mail.  I have heard that the Oilers did not put a qualifying offer on the table for Pouliot, so it looks like he will hit the UFA market on July 1 and will be playing in a new city next year.  Another nice autograph to add nonetheless.

Sheldon Souray TTM Success

Mailed:  10/15/2009
Received:  06/28/2010
Days:  256
c/o:Edmonton Oilers

I got these post cards in a set at the Habs Store at the Bell Centre quite a few years back.  I have been sort of trying to get them all signed at some point, so I guess it is a side project.  I had sort of wrote this one off, so I was very happy to see it in the mail yesterday.  I am not sure if Sheldon is going to stay in Edmonton for next year or not.  I hope he does though.  They have an amazing young team that could really turn things around in the city of Champions.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dick Duff TTM Success

Mailed:  06/16/2010
Received:  06/23/2010
Days:  7
c/o: Home

7 days turnaround for a NHL great.  Its been a slow spot for me this month.  It seems like I am probably not going to get many of my early season items returned.   Dick played 18 season in the NHL with Montreal, Toronto, Buffalo, LA, and the New York Rangers.  Its great that he included an extra photo, but he folded it to fit in the envelope.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Brian Gionta TTM Success

Mailed:  03/22/2010
Received:  06/01/2010
Days:  71
c/o:  The Montreal Canadiens

This is only the 2nd response I have had out of the Habs since Feb. 2009.  I am very happy with this one though.  Gionta was great for the Habs during their playoff run this year.  He was injured for alot of the season, but he came through when it counted.  I didn't have an autographed card of his prior to this, so its great to add these ones.