Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nigel Dawes TTM Success

Mailed:  04/07/2010
Received:  06/28/2010
Days:  82
c/o: Calgary Flames

The Flames have been 100% returns for the past 2 seasons.  This one took a bit longer than most though, but I did mail it out the week before the season closed.  So, it may never have gotten to him before he left for home. 


  1. He is in Winnepeg off and on this summer. At the Jarret Stoll thing last week, none of the guys were there yet, I walked out of the BP and noticed Dawes standing there, nobody knew who he was, I took the chance walked uo and chatted for about 5 minutes, having a Flame to yourself to ask questions is cool. He did say he flew from Winn and gets back to Calgary a little. Great return for you from a nice guy and great player!

  2. Dawes is a good TTM signer, regardless of team. I wrote to him when he was with the Rangers, and almost all Rangers DON'T sign TTM autographs. But Dawes did.