Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mike Palmateer WTF????

Mailed:  5/6/2010
Received:  04/03/2013
Days:  1063
c/o: Home

I am not really sure whether to call this a success or not.  I sent him 2 cards, almost a full 3 years ago.  The response I get was, a form letter directing me to his website for autograph requests.  If you go to the website you will notice that he charges $25 per card, and $50 for a jersey.  What a douche bag.  So, he did include a website ad  that he signed or autopened with my returned cards, so I sort of got an autograph.  $25 to sign a card through the mail in insane.  I have sent $5 to some of the older guys, which I believe is the most any card is worth.  Anyways, here is the postcard I got.

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