Monday, March 29, 2010

Vesa Toskala TTM Success

I mailed Vesa Toskala, c/o the Calgary Flames on 03/10/2010.  I received 2/2 back on 03/29/2010.  19 days!  I mailed Vesa c/o the Leafs in March of last year and didn't get a response.  The only thing I can think, is that the Leafs don't care about the fans and don't even bother passing mail along to the players.  I have only had 1 success from them in the last year plus and that was Stempniak who was traded away.  I think the Maple Leafs as an organization has had it too good for far too long.  They know that the fans will come out no matter how bad they are.  Its sad really.  Like moths to flames.  I hope the Flames can turn it around and make the playoffs.  They could be a nice dark horse coming in a low seed. 

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