Monday, November 25, 2013

Updating statistics

I love to play around with numbers and since I have been keeping track of sending everything out since 2009, I have kept pretty crazy stats on the successes and failure rates.  I mostly send to Canadian NHL, AHL, and CHL teams with some retired players homes thrown in and the odd US team if I get my hands on some US stamps.  So, here is the stats to date below.

2009, total sent 55, total received 39, percent 70.91%  Top team...Calgary Flames 6/6
2010, total sent 62, total received 44, percent 70.97%  Top team...Vancouver Canucks 4/4
2011, total sent 49, total received 36, percent 73.47%  Top team...Calgary Flames/Ottawa Senators 4/4
2012, total sent 33, total received 23, percent 69.70%  Top team...St. John's Ice Caps 4/4
2013, sent so far 50, received 22, percent 44%  Top team...Hamilton Bulldogs 3/4

I have had really good luck with all of the Canadian AHL teams, so I suggest mailing to those teams for some great prospects.
As for the NHL, it is a bit of a mix.  Calgary and Ottawa are really good.  Vancouver is close behind.  The Leafs, Oilers and Habs are middle of the road, and the Jets are absolutely terrible.

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