Monday, September 21, 2009

Senators IP

I went to the Senators vs Canadiens pre-season game on Saturday.  The Senators held an open practice in the morning so we thought we would get autographs after that.  Boy, were we wrong.  The security guards were being very nasty.  They told us that the team told them and the players that no one stops to sign autographs.  So, after being shutout there, we went on to try to get them after the game.  It was a chilly night in Ottawa and one by one, player's cars kept right on driving past the 15 fans waiting.  Only 4 players plus the coach stopped to sign for the fans.  Chris Phillips is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and he always stops for the fans.  I mean ALWAYS!  Shean Donovan also stops most of the time at least as I have gotten him a few times now.  Nick Foligno is another guy that literally always stops.  Ryan Shannon also stopped but I didn't have anything for him to sign.  These 3 guys should be commended for stopping and interacting with the fans for a few minutes.  The rest of the team just flew by without a second glance.  I have been hounding the Senators when I go to games(its a 2.5 hour drive)for about 11 years and I have never had this bad of luck.  I have never gotten less than 7 autographs before this night.  I don't know what is going on up there, but I hope they change it.  The Senators were far from selling out last year, so getting some fans deeply behind them might be a good idea.  Anyway, here is the photos of what I did get.

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