Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trip to Denver NY Mets and Colorado Rockies IP

I was in Denver, CO for a conference this past week.  So, I took in 2 Rockies vs Mets games.  The first game was 11-3 for the Rockies on Tuesday April 13.  The 2nd was a 6-5 extra innings win for the Rockies thanks to a walk off homerun by Chris Iannetta.  Coors' Field is an amazing place to watch baseball.  It was extremely cold though at night.  So, since I was in town, I thought I would try to get some autographs.  I went early to the Tuesday game to see if I could get some of the Mets while BP was going on.  I was able to get Jason Bay's attention and told him that I am a Canadian, and he gladly signed for me asking me where I was from.  That was the only auto I got at that game as I went with some colleagues.  I went by myself to the game on Wednesday night so I waited after the game to get more autos.  None of the Rockies players stopped.  I thought it was going to be a complete bust until Johan Santana walked out of the gate and signed for us.  Melvin Mora picked him up in his car and signed for us as well.  One of the gate operators told me that the players arrive between 8-9am for an afternoon game the next day.  So I got up early and headed down to the park.  Again, the Rockies players were terrible.  The gate operator knew I was from Canada and wanted to get Jeff Francis on a ball.  So he told me that he knew him well and would get him to stop for me.  Sure enough, he did and Jeff signed a ball for me and chatted for a bit.  The mets players all took cabs to the stadium.  New stadium rules states that cabs can't enter the parking lot, and they have to drop the players outside the gate.  So, we were able to get most of the NY Mets team.  David Wright was a really nice guy and signed for all of us.  Jason Bay arrived with Jeff Francoeur and both signed willingly.  John Maine was really nice as well and chatted with us for a bit.  I had a baseball to use for guys I didn't have.  So I got Frank Catalanotto, Henry Blanco, Fernando Tatis, Alex Cora and Francisco Rodriguez on that ball.  There was a guy named Chris there that had a game used Giambi jersey from last season and he had it hanging out so that if Giambi seen it, maybe he would stop.  Sure enough, Giambi saw it and motioned for all of us to come over.  He was a really nice guy.  I didn't know what to expect being that he played in NY, but he was amazing.  I asked for 2 sigs because my buddy is a huge Yankees fan.  Mistakenly, I handed him 2 Athletics cards.  I realized the mistake and asked him if he would sign the Yankees card I had.  He said, "No problem." and signed it too.  Super nice guy.  Anyway, here are the pics.

Jason Giambi

Jeff Francoeur
John Maine
Jason Bay

Melvin Mora
David Wright
Jeff Francis
Clint Barmes
Johan Santana
Francisco Rodriguez, Frank Cattalanotto, Alex Cora, Henry Blanco, and Fernando Tatis

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