Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oldtimer's Hockey Challenge In Person

The Oldtimer's Hockey Challenge came through Kingston, Ontario on Monday February 28th.  I try to take in this event every year.  Their lineup is usually really good and usually includes a few Hall of Famers.  This year, Theoren Fleury made the trip!  I went hoping I could get him on an 8x10.  After the game, we waited outside and got some of the players as they boarded their bus.  Theo was great and signed for everyone.  He was definitely the main draw. 
I also got Bryan Trottier on an 8x10.  He is a super nice guy.  He even came back off the bus because he realized that the puck he signed for my buddy, did not work right.  The gold paint pen I gave him was almost dead I think.  The second auto looked better on the puck I think.
Battle of the Blades star, Ron Duguay was there.  I loved watching this guy in the 80s.  It looks like he could still be out there.  We got word of him being there last minute, so all I had was a card.  I also got Dave Ellett on a card and purchased the Gaston Gingras autographed card at the souvenir table for $2!
I got Rick Middleton and Steve Shutt on hockey cards as well. 
Glenn Anderson may be the biggest asshole that ever played in the NHL.  There wasn't that many people out there seeking autographs, yet when I politely asked him to sign my photo, he completely ignored me and board the bus.  He also brushed right past 3 kids that were waiting for him too.  He puts on quite an act when he is in the arena in front of everyone, but when he is out back, he is a dick.  Beware of him and Jimmy Mann.  Jimmy is lucky to even be included in an NHL legends tour.  The guy only got 30 points in his entire NHL career which consisted of a meager 293 games.


  1. AHHH, my boy Andy. We were at the game last night and he did the same thing. Why on earth does he do these? the guy in front of me was hoping to get him and I said watch, kids ask and he just ignores. Why don't we start a petition to get him off the tour? I know you saw when we filmed him last year walking by kids? if not, its in my youtube channel. but yes, he is a real A$$. and yes, Theo absolutely Rocks!

  2. I am going to take my 8x10 of his and rip it up in front of him next He isn't even worth asking for an auto. Other than the 2 jerks, it has always been a great event to get some autos of some great hockey players. I just wish I would have had something better for Duguay.