Monday, July 11, 2011

Medigas Celebrity Classic Golf Tournament IP

The Medigas Celebrity Golf Tournament was this past weekend in Belleville, Ontario.  This is definitely the best celebrity golf tournament in the area.  The list of stars and retired stars, is amazing.  This tournament was started by Rick Meagher and has grown and raised a ton of money for charity. 

P.K. Subban was a huge draw for autograph collectors...and dealers.  P.K. and the tournament organizers were getting angry with the throngs of autograph requests and were turning people away.  I had gotten P.K. at last year's event, but I told a buddy at work that I would try to get a picture signed for his son who is a huge Subban and Habs fan.  Once I told P.K. that it was for a kid and asked him to personalize it, he was fine with that.  I didn't bother asking for anything for myself at that point.
Stephane Richer was there last year as well, so this year I found a picture for him to sign.
Rick Vaive is always so nice to the fans.  I had gotten him on hockey cards every other time I saw him, but this time I thought a picture would be a nice change.
This tournament always features lots of current and former Belleville Bulls' players.  Eric Tangradi is an american born player that now plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins.  I follow him on twitter @ETangradi.  He is hilarious, so add him if you use twitter.

Billy Smith is always amazing to get at these events.  He even brought a bunch of oversize picture cards to hand out to kids.

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