Friday, August 19, 2011

'Boston' Rob Mariano TTM Success

Mailed:  05/24/2011
Received:  08/18/2011
Days:  86
c/o: Home

I am a huge Survivor fan.  Boston Rob is my favorite Survivor competitor ever.  Amber and Rob were the reason I started watching The Amazing Race, which I have been a huge fan of ever since then.  As everyone knows, Rob finished 2nd to Amber at Survivor All-Stars, but shocked everyone when they became engaged and later married.  Russell Hantz knew to vote Rob out early in Heroes vs Villains because he was such a strong player.  Rob returned to face Russell in Survivor: Redemption Island.  It was such a fun season to watch.  Rob really masterminded the entire game and eventually won.
You can follow Boston Rob on Twitter @BostonRob or check out his website at

Considering he was filming his newest show coming out this fall, 80 Ways Around the World, 86 days for this return is pretty good.  The next season of Survivor starts on September 15.  I also look forward to seeing Rob's new show.

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