Monday, January 30, 2012

2012 NHL All Star Game in Ottawa, Ontario (part 1)

Ottawa is only about a 2 hour drive away from where I live.  So, a few friends and myself drove up there to take in the festivities.  My sister had been given some tickets to the game on Sunday night, and we ended up getting scalper tickets for the Skills Competition on Saturday night.

The Fan Fair at the Convention Centre, was lined up as far as the eye could see.  There were some really good autograph guests in there too, but there was no way we wanted to stand in line for hours just to get in, and then stand in more lines to do anything inside.  So, we ended up going to the Chateau Laurier, where the players were staying.  There was a ton of asshole dealers there getting as many autographs as possible.  I suggest you don't buy anything on EBAY from AUTHENTICSIGS.  When I can find out who the others were, I will post their IDs too.  The giant, fat russian that we have seen before was out there too.  He would literally run people over to get to someone.  It was really sad.  This had a huge impact on the autographs that we were able to obtain for sure.
Now to the positives.  This is who I did get.

 Steven Stamkos signed 8x10 photo.  I love this pic and the auto is awesome.  I am going to have to make some room on my wall for this one.
Jarome Iginla signed puck.  I was really lucky in getting this signed as he was really annoyed with the dirt bag dealers that were getting 5 photos signed each.  I asked him to personalize it and told him that he didn't sign for me yet, so he signed it.
I was able to get Henrik Sedin to sign this photo of the twins, but I wasn't able to get Daniel.  The only opportunity I did have, he was carrying his daughter and there was no way I was going to even bother him.  I let the dealers piss him off in that case.
Henrik Lundqvist came out of a side door.  I had to follow him down the street a bit and he got a red light.  I asked him to sign the McFarlane base.  He seemed a bit annoyed but signed it anyway.  I have always liked his play and I have had this figure for about 5 years waiting to get it signed, so it was nice to cross this one off.
Joffrey Lupul and Shea Weber signed cards.
My buddy had a Carey Price jersey to get signed, we were all on the lookout for him as it was the only thing he wanted to get done.  Once he got his autograph, I slid in to get another McFarlane signed.  Carey is quiet but always signs for us when we have met him.


  1. wow, nice! i want an all star game in buffalo so bad. Didn't get Pomer though?

  2. He came out and was talking to Raphael Diaz but he pretty much just ignored the hounds. I wasn't calling to the players. I just had stuff if they did come over to sign. There were a bunch of obnoxious dealers there yelling at the players and getting like 10 things signed each. That scared the players off pretty much. I mostly got retired guys that just happened to be there.